Open Ending

It was quite nice talking to you last night.
I was able to forget, for a moment, that my heart is broken.

It felt good to laugh, to smile, to dance.
I thought I'd forgotten how to do those things.

I'm glad we randomly met last night.
But I'm also glad you left when you did.

Now I have the memory of our open ending,
To help mend my grieving heart.

Booze (Pt 2)

It’s killing me. This guilt. Every time I go out. I speak to someone and I feel guilty for laughing. I talk about you and I feel guilty for crying. I feel like every one is watching me, secretly whispering, and I feel guilty for being such an arrogant prick. I think everyone is judging me, pitying me and I feel guilty for not having more faith in people.

So I’m just going to stop going out.  As it will finish me off eventually. This guilt.

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