10 Replies to “I Hope You’re Happy Now”

  1. Your ill repute is brilliant. Sending you hugs. Band aid until things get better.

    Are you on Twitter? If you are please look me up @gutierfiction. If not, you should be. Great poetry and writing community.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love yours.

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      1. You’re talented! Please do look me up. Your random ramblings would fit right in! You can link your posts from here to automatically share on Twitter. Hope you do soon.


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      2. Lol! Great! Use hashtags #writingcommunity, #poetrycommunity, #amwriting

        And follow threads with #vss365 for prompts. That is an ongoing prompts thing. You’ll love it! It was hard at first but I’ve met some really great creatives. Support for writers… Amazing!

        What’s your handle?

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    1. No please, feel free to help whenever you can! 👍 Posting my Ramblings so publicly is all very new to me so I’ll take all the advice I can get! Especially from one as talented (and kind) as yourself 😁🖤

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      1. Lol! I’m passionate and I love my writer’s life. You are really too kind. You’ve only you to thank for my passionate silliness! I go with my heart… Read your stuff and that seems to me a long while ago. Felt inspired. It’s what happens when you’re having fun around here. Fire spreads easily.

        Hugs! Look forward to more exchanges.

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