All Surface, No Meaning

When you died,
My world stopped turning.

When you took your last breath,
My life became meaningless.

As the ongoing battle towards my own death continues,
I’m numb to everything and everyone.

I trudge along…

Feigning my interest,
Forging my desire,
Faking my love.

8 Replies to “All Surface, No Meaning”

      1. Pain…so very similar to love….Dark….so very similar to Light…….it sure let’s us know in this 3D world, we are “a-live.” Not much sleep here…so if it doesn’t make sense, slap that ‘excuse’ where it fits. (haha)….Pain, Love, Dark, Light….none really have a true definition that we all can agree…..I LOVE the DARK (When I know I’m safe from others). LIGHT really hurts my eyes…I’m more fond of the ‘muted’ rays (wink). Pain….it can bring you to climax or wait…I mean suck you dry!!! No, umm…yeah, I’ve been a baby I guess…wish the tests agreed it’s all in my head. (sigh) Oh, yeah…darkness….it’s been my only friend. Sorry it causes gloom to loom…… allows us to feel like we’ve accomplished something…..I’m ready for my slip w/this pain in grip. Yeah….I think you can delete this (haha) find that edit button!!!!! Your writing is raw and touches a level a bit unfeathered. Thank you

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      2. not many touch my soul or why…or is it the other reason why I stay hid. I don’t need the words read but I know they are less painful than what is actually lived…so much stays hid….

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  1. very selfish of me. I’ve searched & begged & now physical pain stuck in my head. Idk how open u are to ‘relaxation’ and headphones or ability to…but when the darkness is not of that to comfort and sooth sometimes blocking out all senses w/out drugs helps too…..u can tell be to chipper off as well (slinks back & slides her headphones back on…no one needs to know I use them JUST for noise cancellation & nothing playing) hahah maybe give it a try? if ya can….432mghertz? idk…I’m here….too…

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