Temple Bar

The hordes gather outside your hotel window.



Having fun.

You wish you had the guts to be more like them.



More confident.

Instead you’re sitting in here alone with the curtains drawn.

With nothing but your ‘I Hate People’ badge for company.

9 thoughts on “Temple Bar

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      1. The “normal” I’ve seen…is not something I’d like to be part of…..at 47……I’m okay to be that old lady that wanders off into the woods to never return. Oh…hells yes did I suffer when younger……”odd ball out wasn’t fun”….nope…..please don’t make me do it over!??!! Reincarnation sounds like hell to me!! (hahah)

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  1. This really resonated with me! ❤ As someone used to be a shy introvert, I can definitely empathise with this.
    Turns out its a blessing in disguise during COVID, who knew? 😷

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