The older I get

The more I realise

I never wanted to be here

In the first place

7 thoughts on “Birthdays

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  1. If you can believe it I forgot my 36 year old birthday, a person called and said “happy birthday” and I was confused. Not kidding.
    But, in your poem you said the older you get you don´t want to be here so how are we readers going to enjoy good writing?

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    1. A similar thing happened to me a few years ago… I was convinced it was my 27th birthday until (pretty late in the evening) my friend kindly informed me that I was actually 28! Not a fun time aging two years instead of one!!
      And don’t worry – I fear my ramblings may continue for some time yet…although there’s plenty of writing out there that’s better than mine! 😁🖤


      1. I like your ramblings, and don´t say that there is plenty of writing that´s better than you.
        Keep this in mind if you will, ” You are your hero of your own story. Period”, I should become a motivational speaker, now you owe me 20$

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