10 Replies to “It Should Be Me”

      1. baby, I looked to the stars and no matter how “woke” they are…..they are for THEMSELVES and there is nothing wrong w/that….just know that…..at 47 i’m jaded…shoot me? Okay!!! My choices brought me here. Choices to stand by the man that knocked me up & listen to your mother to marry that man…..now, here i stand alone….am i more lonely than I would have been. IDK!!!!…with a bf that would rather me shut up and shove his cock in my mouth cause as my step mother always said, “that’s the only thing i’ll be good at” ….i fade to the blackness where I belong…not w/people…alone….sorry di puked a little

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      2. Wow…..does my response count if I didn’t recall writing it? lol….I guess what I was trying to get across [awfully brash]…..don’t listen to others & do as YOUR heart needs regardless of others opinions, ideas, concepts, or beliefs!

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      3. Haha!! Finding words you can’t remember writing can be interesting at times! 😁 Don’t worry – I took it in the spirit it was intended… I always find your responses interesting – brash or otherwise! πŸ˜‰πŸ–€

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