Last Chance

Despite my
to the
it has
been you.

Why not
meet me
at the
and I’ll make
your dreams
come true.

5 thoughts on “Last Chance

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  1. Bindings layered in dust, pages yellowed from years of misplaced trust, chapters missing—my dog ate them ….(smirk) …..My most wonderful precious being in this whole world (next to my spawn) was my pup. As your creative title suggests…”Last Chance” it’s at least the 2nd one (right?) Cause the beginning was a chance taken just wasn’t called “chance”. Yes, I’ll hush!! Love the write!!

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    1. shit…my dogs papered name was “Beau’s Second Chance”……guess the fentynal (sp) is lingering?? j/k……Add that information anywhere in my original comment to have it make a little more sense…..

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      1. Awe, ….My last chance at love is me I guess….oh, I mean as far as my personal experience of this existence. Once I can master that shit I plan on sharing it w/the world. (hahaha)

        I love the library reference…and I hope to read your love novel one day!!! 🙂 Last Chance; Your company means more than peaceful…..Shhhhhhh…it’s the library…..silence!

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