8 Replies to “Silent Conversations”

  1. When assistance isn’t of a necessity, she explains. Too bad neither realize that day will always await in vain. She never wanted a knight in white nor carry a man’s last name to claim. She wanted a man to love the beauty most couldn’t understand [so they called her insane] & cherish the truth of her heart from the start…..Good day fellow fragile poet!

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      1. Stirring a response from me; doesn’t happen too often. Thank you for allowing me to feel comfortable enough to share a piece of me …in response caught by the words you easily wrought!!! Nothing, I’d take claim to EVER be, to shame!!!!!!!!! (guilt can go get F*ed too) nice to make contact!! lol

        Let’s learn to make this words do their jobs!!! or at least dance a jig? I smile while I wince in pain….I think that means…I’m alive?

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