I’m Sorry

It hurt
to see
the pain
in your

I felt
of your

If only
I could
ease the
you feel

I have
no wisdom
left to

10 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

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      1. Ah, yes…i’m noticing ‘feeling’ is subjective but pain is not….(har har)….I hope your friend is better & the comfort, you offered, amongst the storm, was well received! Expressed beautifully (did I say that again?)

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  1. That second stanza especially sticks out by showing the contagious nature of pain. When someone is dealing with that pain and we don’t necessarily have the answers (as the narrator of the poem is dealing with), it aches every bit as much for us. It’s almost as if our very beings are trying to absorb the pain from them but we can’t. But we try anyway. We don’t give up. So rather this reflective writing or creative writing, you did a wonderful job conveying it in this poem.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean a lot to a dark heart like me.
      You absolutely understand the point I was trying to make here and I love your expression ‘the contagious nature of pain’ (I may steal that 😉).
      I’m so glad you thought highly enough of one of my ramblings to comment 🖤

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  2. That is a soulfelt peice! You know while reading this, I felt as if you were talking to your reflection in a mirror. Expressing your helplessness at removing all the sorrows and trying to fill your life with hope. But then I found out your inspiration was a conversation with a friend. 😥 I hope you and your friend are doing fine now. Wonderful job!😊

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    1. Thank you so much. It’s very kind of you to take the time to comment on one of my ramblings.
      You are right actually now I read the poem again I could easily have written it as if I was speaking to myself.
      That’s what I love about words – there are so many different meanings and interpretations we can put on them.
      And I love it when someone points out something in my writing that I hadn’t even seen myself, so, thank you again 🖤


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