Yes Sir, No Sir

I accept

I’ll get up,
get dressed,
drink tea,

I’ll take
the pills
you say
I need.

I’ll be a
good girl
like we

9 thoughts on “Yes Sir, No Sir

  1. I 2nd the black sheep….”I’ll take the pills you say I need” ***CLASSIC***……that, to which, I wholeheartedly disagree & will let my own mentality to be free…fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke. Unless, you are at your own throat…jugular on scope…then by all means pick up that pill if it makes this reality a better place to breathe [don’t do it for others ‘needs to please’]….otherwise, I choose to live w/in my lunacy….Much Love & Ladybugs my flowic friend

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  2. loved it. I am the pragmatic kind. pick and choose which fights I bother with. Sometimes a simple “OK” is well worth skipping an hour of disagreement.

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  3. I know you have a few poems on your site that are formatted the same as this one. With this one, it seems especially appropriate because the narrator is going through the list, going through the motions, etc. The punctual look is a subtext all on its own. It’s not necessarily a happy poem but it is well written poem. Keep cranking out the good work! 🙂

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    1. Wow, thank you very much!
      I’m amazed at how anything I write can stir such words from someone much more accomplished than I am.
      I like reading your take on my rambles, so please, feel free to offer words of wisdom anytime.
      Keeps me honest apart from anything else 🖤

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      1. I would hardly say I’m “much more accomplished” or even “accomplished.” I write for fun on my page and when something catches my eye on someone else’s, I like for others to have the opportunity to see it too. It’s you and all the other writers on this site that provide the things worth observing.

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