You Deserve More

I wish you
could see
yourself with a
different view

And know
there are so
many things to
love about you

My only hope
is that she
will see it
again soon too

Then perhaps
you could both
just stop
making do

12 thoughts on “You Deserve More

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  1. Yeah, put the spoon down unless you plan on licking it clean! Good morning my flowic friend…..Loving this write & feeling it. If you aren’t aware of what it is….then one can never know to miss it????

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      1. After being up for 3 days I got a few hours of sleep. I got humor when I searched foods that I’ve been craving (like hard boiled eggs-odd right?) and find out they are most beneficial to the organs sccreaming at me. Pain is a horrible trigger to my PTSD (makes my hypervigelance excell & puts things into high gear…hard to explain).
        We (as humans…i think) can learn to play nice w/the brain but when the body decides to remind you w/out ‘thought’ it’s a bit ‘eye opening’ to know if you listen hard enough it’ll tell you….I’m done w/revelations for awhile…>I’d like a raft out to sea for one!! Please!?!?!? haha….Much love….Every day is a blessing!

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  2. I like how it seems as if the narrator wants the one she loves but then we’re told he’s with another. The outcome is both heart-wrenching and seemingly selfless on her part: to not break the tie he has with another. Ultimately, she wants the one she loves but would rather he be happy over that. Good writing as always!

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      1. I hope you do keep writing, it’d be a shame not to have your work among the countless others! Anyone can write about the kind of stuff you write about but you seem to have a desire to understand it. It shows.

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