Prescription For A Broken Heart

I took
the first
one this

The rest
won’t be
as hard
to swallow

my belly
will be

And I’ll
no longer
feel so

14 thoughts on “Prescription For A Broken Heart

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  1. It’s amazing how we treat our bodies when they are broke or hurting. We end up pushing the pain and hurt elsewhere for the “fix.” That’s how we people are too, moving the hurt and pain to another. It’s a vicious cycle of hurting, diverting, hurting again, diverting again.
    Great poem.

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  2. It was those pills that the dr would fill that has this body riddled so ill…..Your stomach may get full but the hollow in your soul will turn ten fold.

    I get a call this moromg to follow up my mammogram only to be told my right is of issue…yet, it’s my left that has pus & blood leak out…..sorry ma’am (funny being old) there are no appointments till October 9th. Have a great rest of your day…..I’m ready…..good bye

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  3. Hollowness can be hard to fight
    sometimes we don’t have the tools
    doing certain things can help a lot
    even if others think we are fools
    searching and learning will help us
    it’s the way of how to find the jewels
    go back there and fight hollowness
    show your depression who rules!

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