The Better Person

I loved you,

When no one else did.

Remember that.

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  1. Please let it be known….
    You might have loved me when all were gone
    It wasn’t their choice for receiving the silence in my voice
    Alone I stood, for my sanity was a personal choice
    Ditched the family of toxicity that was so prolifically alive
    It wasn’t the way I wanted to experience & die in this lifetime
    Love gifted (?) amongst a plethora of conditions to please thee?
    To feed your personal desires and needs; as i suffered miserably
    That’s the only reason you attempted to cared for me
    For my skill to give your body a physical thrill
    That’s all it boiled down to in the end
    When will I be able to open my mouth wide again?

    That’s when I knew it was the end…..

    I’d rather love myself alone than be loved under conditions of my value & worth based on my ability to bring you to climax.

    My life is a more than that….I’d rather be alone than someones toy to bone……

    Thank you flowic for allowing me to project myself on your write….Much LOVE & LETTING IT FLOW!!!!

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      1. oh….my strength has increased a bit [pain not searing–just an ache–i’m alive]. I rested much today. There are webs I’ve woven that need repair. While my strength is with me. I must clean my nest………the rest will follow. I can not reach the second step w/out cleaning the first….my ceilings are low….won’t take me long. 🙂 [my random for you….i try to please 🙂 ] Thank you for letting me know me you hear my tone!

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