Go on,

Keep crying.

It changes nothing.

23 thoughts on “Waterfalls

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  1. ….it does change things……gives me a migraine…..that’s worsening current status so i’ll refrain…..tears are cleansing if you allow the pain to pour out & expelled from further torture of your mind. It’s when those tears are redundant and no longer cleansing that’s when it’s house cleaning time to take place……(hugs)

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  2. Good one. Sums it up nicely. I wrote a wordier poem-like thing called waterfall that basically comes to the same conclusion. Check it out, here if you feel like it. Or don’t. Either way, I promise I won’t shed a tear.

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                1. Aw, that makes me sad. Well you can rest assured your words matter here. And not just to me judging by the interactions on your blog. You should take heart from that, dear friend, and not the darker times gone by 🖤

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