The Washing Machine of Life

Up and down
Spinning around
No stability
to be found

Right and left
Side to side
Nowhere else
left to hide

Hang on,
where did
this sock
come from?

And where
the fuck
is the
other one?

19 thoughts on “The Washing Machine of Life

Add yours

      1. I gave up on the missing sock; years ago. I wear mix matched as part of my rebellion. It went as far as….they go in & then I have a “sock bag” [yes, ghetto] what you reach in is what you get!! I refuse to even put them in my drawer. My kids learned to deal w/mom doesn’t do socks!! [I recall a time I used a mesh bag made to help deter the sock gremlins from stealing them] Worked great for awhile until they learned how to unzip the bag from the point of washer to dryer…(ebil grin) ….aren’t u up late?

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  1. there is absolutely NO problem it’s the view taken that makes it of distress and a problem vs. challenge….to level up….unless your body twists into some excruciating pain…then there might be a slight “problem” hahahahahah….I’m glad you are on point in rising early! I have a few “things” I’d like to clear out & then curl back into the fetal position (hahaha). Ty for humoring me & entertaining me! (smile) A nice flicker amongst such a dark world (haha) TY my Flowic friend!

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  2. [you can kick me in the shin if you want about there is no problem just the view…..cause that’s so flipping easy to say and so very complicated to comprehend]….mind me not, I ‘was’ certified once ….it shouldn’t matter it was mentally ill (teehee)….I won’t bog down your page (i apologize)…

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      1. I think my love is when silence rises in the darkness. Not that of assumed beast dwelling darkness. When all the energies are being recharged & released from their casings & eases the tension in the air….it’s a beautiful memory of walking amongst the darkened hours with a stillness that many fear stimulates my sense of belonging….should have kicked me!

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