19 Replies to “The Washing Machine of Life”

      1. I gave up on the missing sock; years ago. I wear mix matched as part of my rebellion. It went as far as….they go in & then I have a “sock bag” [yes, ghetto] what you reach in is what you get!! I refuse to even put them in my drawer. My kids learned to deal w/mom doesn’t do socks!! [I recall a time I used a mesh bag made to help deter the sock gremlins from stealing them] Worked great for awhile until they learned how to unzip the bag from the point of washer to dryer…(ebil grin) ….aren’t u up late?

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  1. there is absolutely NO problem it’s the view taken that makes it of distress and a problem vs. challenge….to level up….unless your body twists into some excruciating pain…then there might be a slight “problem” hahahahahah….I’m glad you are on point in rising early! I have a few “things” I’d like to clear out & then curl back into the fetal position (hahaha). Ty for humoring me & entertaining me! (smile) A nice flicker amongst such a dark world (haha) TY my Flowic friend!

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  2. [you can kick me in the shin if you want about there is no problem just the view…..cause that’s so flipping easy to say and so very complicated to comprehend]….mind me not, I ‘was’ certified once ….it shouldn’t matter it was mentally ill (teehee)….I won’t bog down your page (i apologize)…

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      1. I think my love is when silence rises in the darkness. Not that of assumed beast dwelling darkness. When all the energies are being recharged & released from their casings & eases the tension in the air….it’s a beautiful memory of walking amongst the darkened hours with a stillness that many fear stimulates my sense of belonging….should have kicked me!

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