All Day Every Day

I am

Is all
that I

I feel

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      1. Absolutely, 100%. I’ve spilled so many words from my heart, I’m beginning to think whatever it is, is unexplainable…nothingness.

        But on a positive note, the never ending story is a great movie (I still love it, and see it in a completely different light now 😐😌).

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        1. Ah, the consistent conflict of the emotions we feel. I think I wrote about that once…
          It’s interesting isn’t it?
          See, I think your poetry expresses these feelings beautifully and almost certainly in a way that I can’t. People tell me my ‘poetry’ does this too, but I don’t really see it. Funny how we don’t always think what we write expresses what we want it to and yet others see it so clearly.
          Ah, it’s the joys of words, I guess… 🖤🖤

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          1. Yes!

            What I see in your poetry…is a mix of struggle and darkness laced with a clever lightness. It is the dark beauty I identify with in your pieces. Because…I think…People who’ve experienced and survived some kind of trauma have to be able to see the beauty in order to make sense of this world’s nonsense.

            Keep on keepin’ on, I love your words 🙂!

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