Ignorant Bitch

I’ll always
be better
than you

Of that
there can
be no doubt

For you
really don’t
have a clue

How much
you spout

12 thoughts on “Ignorant Bitch

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  1. There is no better or worse….it’s the fact of who’s pain hurts whom the worst….and from there draws the power to be heard as either curses or blessings on earth.

    don’t seek validation from others so absurd…..find your own value & never mark yourself down.

    Energetic flow for sure….nice purge!!

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      1. There is no category for each…ya know? If we are numbered we lose the value of species….first last best worst….fuck it….most all hurts!!! Okay, that was out of line……I enjoy how you cast your flow for sure……pure honest and heartfelt!

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