It’s Still Shit

Destiny or
free will?

or luck?

Either way,
I have to say,

I couldn’t
give a fuck.

32 thoughts on “It’s Still Shit

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  1. There is no fuck to take nor give…..just being alive is enough bullshit to live….hahaha….fuck it….opppss…I gave a fuck sorry…….peace

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      1. hey if we can’t smile/laugh at our pure disgust of misery and woes and trials and tribulations would we even still be here??? I’ve sought a drama free life to find myself in the confines of a body riddled in pain that just won’t stop. I’m starting to do the pros and cons of this existence…..a year long and I’m blessed in 1/2 the pain still lingering…..if you have a mental health label…careful whom you trust w/your body care…they keep saying it’s in my head w/fucked up tests–how is that possible? Where is the logic…fuck humanity…where is the simple logic in deducting [w/in medically trained brains] to surmise what is ‘off’…..[sigh] thank you for allowing me to rant….fate….what a concept….[hugs]

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  2. .

    Your questions are very interesting, actually. And because it is difficult for someone to give a straight answer, he/she prefers not to give a fuck. Especially, when he/she knows that at the end (of the destination), he/she ‘ll be fucked for good and for sure !

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    1. No one needs to hear my (not so) dulcet tones! 😜

      I agree with you though – you can miss a lot of context and tone from not hearing a poem being read as the writer intended.

      I find it quite interesting with the stuff I post – sometimes what I have written as quite a ‘heavy’ peice is considered light hearted by some readers.

      Other times I’ll post something I intended to be quite lighthearted and people seem to find a deeper meaning I never even saw myself!

      Guess that’s just one of the joys of poetry. As a reader you can find your own meaning – even if that differs from the authors.

      Plus, I have to admit, I do get a little kick out of folks trying to figure out my less ‘straightforward’ peices!

      Keeps me on my toes! πŸ˜‰πŸ–€

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      1. First I was worried if you might have gotten my comment wrong, then I got hit by this hell of a reply. I love you attitude about how your readers take your work! It’s always good to leave things open for interpretation, otherwise what would the reader take away for himself? πŸ™‚ Always pleased to learn about you! β™ 

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        1. Not at all! ☺️

          I love reading what people think about what I write. I’m not precious about that in any way.

          I’m still quite astounded that people read my ramblings, to be honest, let alone find them meaningful and/or enjoyable! πŸ‘πŸ–€

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    1. Haha!! Well I’m glad he enjoyed it too!! 😁
      As for a publishing book – I reckon I’ll leave that to the way more talented among us here.
      But thank you for the sentiment! πŸ–€


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