14 Replies to “I Can’t Do This”

  1. Can’t say I’ve experienced the same thing but definitely degrees of it, know how you feel. There’s so much potentially at stake.

    But then, when the future circumstances line up again…you can’t resist. So ultimately you Are cut out, just need to be ridiculously strong and have some good luck πŸ’™. Vagaries of having a big heart…

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  2. People meant for you make the journey smooth. No matter how much you like or love somebody, if they are not for you it will become complicated or confusing. Sometimes, we take life as a tv series or a movie in which going through a great deal of hurdles makes the love worth pursuing but in reality that’s not the case, only when you get rid of the people not meant for you (those who seem complicated to you). Somebody might be very easy for somebody else to understand, if that person is difficult for you, it’s better that you let him/her go for your own good n theirs too.. 😊 Just an opinion..

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