18 Replies to “Well, You Asked…”

  1. I confess to laughter myself. Perhaps it is the feather of self deprecation tickling my funny bone, perhaps it is the comedy of a shared experience. Who knows. There’s many a slip twixt written word and word read and interpreted.

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      1. Lol :D. Hadn’t realised it was self-deprecating though. That makes it even funnier 😁.

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    1. Either way you shouldn’t hesitate to post here.

      Errors, mistakes and not following the ‘rules’ are as much a part of self expression as anything else.

      You go for it!



      1. I try not to hesitate, I feel like it can make the material that I do post unauthentic compared to what it would be if I just wrote it and posted it without looking.

        I guess it’s an anxiety and fear of failure thing.

        Thank you for the support. MUCH LOVE!!

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