01.01.1973 – 31.01.2020

And as we wake

A new chapter begins

That no one I know

Wants to read…

12 thoughts on “01.01.1973 – 31.01.2020

    1. No Bible, all politics.
      It’s not that often I’m inspired to write politically (in the governmental sense anyway) but sadly, yes, the country in which I live is not a nice place to wake up to this morning πŸ–€

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  1. Be sad or be happy within your self. Why let external events dictate your state.
    Your neighborhood is the same as yesterday. No bombs or earthquakes.
    Why let the β€˜news’ take your news away.
    It’s all an illusion

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    1. Sadly, it’s some people in my neighbourhood (both literally and nationwide) that have put people like me in this position.
      It’s true, there are no bombs or earthquakes. But the feeling of being let down by people who should know better still persists πŸ–€πŸ–€


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