6 Replies to “All Religion Is A Cult”

      1. Exactly! And if it appeals to you, it definitely also appeals to a good amount of people out there πŸ™‚, which it evidently does too.

        I was feeling a bit weird about my posts lately, feeling like they’ve been a bit aggressive in tone, or something. But then I realised, even if they haveβ€” that’s just me in the moment I wrote them! Non-judgemental people aren’t gunna cry about it 😁.

        I really like strong tastes, strong flavours, strong opinions! So I’d always enjoy it even if I disagreed with it, if it was well-argued.

        And most people want to read original things, by unique people :).

        I’m sure I had another point but I’ve forgotten it πŸ˜†, and I’m going to stop sweating about it! πŸ˜….

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      2. Haha!! 😁 You shouldn’t sweat anything my friend. I have always found you to be very eloquent here – either in your posts or when commenting on others.

        I think when I first started posting on WP I had similar worries. That and, as time has moved on, I can objectively see how my posts (the subject matter, the tone, the swearing etc) could be off putting to some people.

        I also think that as I throw the odd one in here and there that’s actually a bit lighter and with a more humourous tone (to me at least) people can also be a bit non plussed at times.

        But I absolutely would agree with your comment.

        I think as writers we are all probably ‘in the moment’ when we write, however, some folks then review / edit their work so that it is ‘presentable’ (in whatever way that means to them) before posting.

        Others, like me I guess, write ‘in the moment’ and then keep editing to a minimum before posting (as can be seen by my lack of rhythm at times and the odd typo!)

        That way I feel that I can stay honest and true to myself and reflect all of the facets of my personality here – the light and the dark.

        I guess that as I am very nearly anonymous here too (and the fact that less than a handful of people I know in ‘real life’ are aware this blog is mine) also helps allow me to not feel like I have to somehow ‘sanitise’ what I post.

        I have been SO lucky thus far that everyone here has been very supportive and very kind to me and my writing.

        I don’t think there’s any great skill or talent to it. I think if you write in a way that is engaging, genuine and that resonates with us on a human level then it will always go down well – whatever the subject matter.

        And if it doesn’t, then that’s cool too. WP (and indeed life) would be boring if we all experienced the world and wrote about it in the same way! 😁

        Anyway, I’m rambling now (did you see what I did there! πŸ˜‰)

        Keep writing – whatever the tone. It’s not just me that looks forward to your posts…


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