Alarm Clocks


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  1. sleep is an escape, for me, so my body limits the freedom of such….insomnia is the cure to not feeling depressed waking up!

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      1. I bet I had a worst weekend, trust me on that. Had to call the ambulance to take a member of your family to the hospital this weekend? Probably not, and I´m still waiting for news, we are in a rotation pattern. Some stay there for a time then I relieve them while taking care of all the house chores. So I just write and put that part in a box close it, go along the day, then time to open it, I open and operate on that situation. Just got to know how to compartmentalise things and things that are life or death situations for this person a.k.a mom. You got to move through the day, is not easy but I fortunately I´m able through consciously training my brain, started in the army and as years got by it´s just in me. At the same time I know that I have to be prepared to jump out of bed in a second and move my ass out to the hospital for whatever reason.
        So keep up a smile, think positive.

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        1. Sounds like a rough weekend for you too, albeit for different reasons.

          My problems occur when the compartment box in my brain bursts open and it takes me a wee while to padlock it shut again.

          I wish you and your family all the best.

          You’re right, thinking positive does help. 🖤🖤


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