You Should’ve Said

You’ve only
been given
what you

for keeping
so much
in reserve

7 thoughts on “You Should’ve Said

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    1. Thank you so much, that’s very kind of you to say.

      I worry (a little less nowadays to be fair but it’s still there) that my poems are not very good as they lack the lyrical beauty I see so much in the work of others.

      I’m just not that skilled (hence the over reliance on swear words at times!) but I’m getting a little more confident with each kind comment, so thank you so much for yours


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      1. I find your poems very lyrical!! It’s one of things that I like so much about them. They’re short, but they’re still poetic. The words feel like they belong in the way you write them. It’s a talent to say so much in so few words, I admire it. And, sometimes ‘swear words’ are just the ones that need using. Sometimes, no other words will do ❤️

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