(Un) Social Media

The notifications setting

Is promptly toggled to off

As of other people’s shite today

I’ve already had enough

12 thoughts on “(Un) Social Media

Add yours

    1. Yes, I had seen and liked your post!!

      Welcome back!! 😁

      Things still the same over here – dark, brooding melancholy with the odd bit of tongue and cheek thrown in! 😉

      Celebrated my one year WP anniversary with 1000 posts this week though, so I guess it’s not all bad!

      Looking forward to more posts from you soon enough! 👍🖤

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  1. Holy shit, (excuse my french…or not) I have to direct you to this
    it was the comment section of the blog I think I went overboard, although at the same time this woman I found it quite insulting her first comment on my blog.
    Nice poem by the way you Big Charmer. Here goes the link if you want to read it and tell me, what in the world….. tell me if you want my response to the comment of the woman that is, not the other person, it is in Spanish for the other true artist and nice person I believe but not the comment from the other person


  2. Social media + notifications is just an efficient way to spoon-feed you other people’s warm diarrhea 😁.

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