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    1. I think ‘passive’ things only have a certain shelf-life, they only go so far. What we really need is interactive or creative things. Human minds just want to be creative!

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      1. Sure 💙. Sorry! I know how it is to have endless suggestions thrown at you, and the same ones over and over, when you’re trying to make gradual forwards progress, and don’t want to think of all the things you may be missing out on!! 🤗🖤💙

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        1. No, you’re fine.

          I’ve got lots of longer works written … Think there’s even a couple on here from the early days of my blog.

          I just found my groove in the short form, but I’ll return to short story writing, and perhaps posting, again one day. 👍🖤

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          1. Great! I feel similar, actually!
            I used to write much longer poems, but settled on a roughly-similar length, with some shorter ones inspired by certain bloggers!
            And I wrote a couple of fictional things early on, and am getting back around to it now, finally, with less stress going on! Coronapocalypse has been surprisingly good to me, so far…
            I definitely looking forward to reading fictional stories from you! 🙂. In our own time though! 😁

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