Et Tu, Brute?

Out of
it could
have been

I didn’t
it to
be you

I thought
you’d be
with me

Not be
in the

14 thoughts on “Et Tu, Brute?

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      1. That’s great to hear! Though I haven’t actually read Romeo and Juliet, there have been many analysis that Shakespeare’s R&J is actually a satirical play, and not actually based on love, considering they decided to get married exactly the same night they met, without knowing almost nothing about each other with only their hormones being their reason getting married.

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      1. Who knows…
        You may well be right my friend.
        My plan was always to try and fashion some sort of ‘collection’ of my favourites and and stitch them together in some way – just for my own amusement.
        Just never seem to find the time… 🖤


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