Tory Voters

You may well clap

And call out a cheer

But what have you done

For the rest of the year?

Hearing you support us tonight

Really made me shiver

It’s just so galling that before now

You’ve sold the NHS down the river

8 thoughts on “Tory Voters

Add yours

  1. Yes!!! All in order to not ‘waste’ your vote. I hate it, just vote for who you want to vote for in electionsβ€” get over yourself and voting is never wasted!!

    I also think we should be voting for the best MP in our constituency, as it was designed for, regardless of their partyβ€” because then we are filtering ALL MPs based on quality, so that whichever party is in power will at least have relatively good MPs. When you only vote for a particular party, it allows all kinds of people to creep into power, based purely on the colours they’re wearing.

    People are massively hypocritical when it comes to this. If you voted for the Conservatives, then you voted for the Conservatives, so you have to take the abuse of the NHS that comes with it.

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    1. I actually missed the clapping btw. I only heard about it shortly before, then I forgot and had my headphones on πŸ˜†.

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