11 Replies to “The Virus Doesn’t Move – We Do”

  1. I actually love this virus for its sneakiness! Studies are showing that up to 75% of carriers show no symptoms at all— and those carriers are infectious! That’s coming out of Iceland, South Korea and Italy.

    So in this pandemic only true lockdown will work— like the Chinese did, rather than relying on observing symptoms. We have to test literally everyone in order to find all the infections— they were able to do this in South Korea.

    It’s incredible just how hard the idiots are resisting, isn’t it!?

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  2. “Not been in touch much, bit rough, raking cough, my voice has disappeared because of this, but no fever, did the 111 checklist, mostly OK, my biggest problem is boredom…”

    —Another gem from that group chat! That’s coming from a 65 year old heavy smoker. His biggest problem is not boredom, it’s coronavirus!! I suggested to him that he tries to get tested.

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