I wish I could
take your plaudit

But I just write
what comes to me

My inability
to self edit

Laid bare for
all to see

16 thoughts on “Talent(less)

Add yours

  1. I know what you mean!! 🤗

    The inability to self-edit makes me annoyed at myself sometimes, when I feel like I’ve been too reactionary.

    But I think what people mean, is as much about the fact that you didn’t have to write stuff publicly, but by doing so you’ve given them something they can relate to. As far as how you write, it does feel weird to take credit for something if it comes naturally. It feels more appropriate to take credit for things you had to specifically work for.

    It’s the people that really show their emotions that I’m drawn to, whatever those emotions are.

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    1. The praise could be taken as praise for you having gone on that journey, to arrive at a point where you are actually writing, and sharing whatever talents you have. The overall sequence of decisions and actions that it took.

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