Overpaid Playboys

to hear
so much

of the

it would
stay like

So we
out loud

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  1. Ohhhh!! πŸ˜€

    I watched the first F1 race in ages at the weekend. There was no crowd there. Funny thing is with F1 I didn’t realise I could even hear the crowd that much before. But then I quickly forgot I wasn’t hearing it. That’s such a noisy sport that you can’t hear the crowd much anyway :D.

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      1. Hahaha. Like it’s any better with the crowd? I think it’s worse with the crowd perhaps in fact!

        Football without crowd must be very odd! Can’t imagine it.

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        1. Oh come now Robin…
          The crowd MAKES the darts!! πŸ˜‚

          The football has certainly been interesting since the restart.
          After so many years of watching it I’ve pretty much become accustomed to the (real) crowd noise now.

          But this horrific ‘fake’ crowd noise that has been piped into the stadiums has been really really grating on me. To the point I actually had to watch some of the early matches in silence.

          There’s just something about it – even though actual people – that puts me on edge.

          Clearly I’m not the only one as they very quickly gave you the choice of watching the game with or without the ‘fake’ crowd noise.

          I’m definitely without. I’ve actually enjoyed hearing them shout and swear at each other much more than I thought I would – hence why I wouldn’t mind it staying that way!

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          1. Oh god they played fake crowd noise!!??

            Hahaha!! I had no idea about that! That’s hilarious 🀣. That would completely make me uncomfortable. Besides the knowledge of knowing that it’s rake ruining it, I can easily imagine it setting people on edge for other reasonsβ€” not least the fact that surely the noise wouldn’t line up with what was happening on the pitch!? But I imagine it would also sound artificial too.

            Yeah I’d definitely go with your thinking. I had a similar experience when I first watched Formula E racingβ€” actually in this case the other way around! I was amazed and fascinated how you could actually hear the crowd, lol. And the tyre squealing sounds, so that you could hear when drivers were actually pushing it.

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