Outline In Chalk

I lie

my wealth


By my

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  1. I love your short meaningful ideations! I was raised into this world to believe that
    Nobody ever told me that Self love, mental health and Peace are so much more important!💔

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  2. I was listening to a podcast earlier that was talking about bad mental health in the law profession, amongst lawyers. On top of it being stressful they have a highly machoistic working culture. It’s hardly surprising, haha.

    It’s a bit weird and bad that no matter the job, everybody works the same hours. In fact it’s usually the more stressful the job, the more hours people work (pilot, surgeon, lawyer). Which is the opposite of what you’d need to maintain good mental health for everybody. Of course, we try to ‘equalise’ it out through pay, and justify the stress in those jobs that way. Then people earning more money fall into the trap of buying expensive things to try to make themselves feel better. 🤷‍♂️

    As a child I was always mystified by all this! 😆

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        1. Yes, WP can be like that sometimes. Strange algorithms at work somewhere methinks… 🤔

          As long as you are writing to please yourself first and foremost then others who see your work and enjoy it, like me, is just a bonus 👍

          Either way – keep writing my friend 😁 🖤

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