Why Not

Come here

She implored

And sit with me

Let’s drink some wine

Watch shit TV

Hold hands

And talk all night

Until our troubles

Are out of sight

18 thoughts on “Why Not

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  1. How cute!!! 💙

    It sounds so enticing, honestly lol. Apart from the shit TV. At least put some documentaries on!

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            1. Just glad I was born AFTER it so I have no radiation in me from it 😬. I wasn’t even an embryo actually.

              Nah, I’m kidding 😆, it’ll have still been in our food etc.

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      1. Haha! 🤣. I’m sure I’ve said it before! Lol, or maybe something similar.

        It actually had a happy ending, so yes it was cute by your terms!

        You only have to invite me up te Scohtland!! xD

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