Sylvia’s Sister

Maybe I’ll drink until I’m sick

Maybe I’ll dance like a prick

Maybe I’ll smoke ten to the dozen

Maybe I’ll put my head in the oven

Either way one thing is true

It’s got fuck all to do with you

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    1. I wandered around clutching a copy as a teenager in a vain attempt to show everyone how much of an intellectual, angst ridden and pretentious twat I was 😉

      Didn’t actually read it until about 20 years later when I could actually appreciate it properly.

      It’s hard going in places, but worth the effort I found 👍ðŸ–Ī

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          1. Nose rings would have been big around that time. May have been looking at you for a different reason than you think.

            I’ll get around to it. I just have to get into the mindset of a young woman 👍💚

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        1. When you said “hard going in places” I thought you meant stodgy and not engaging in places. So now I know what you meant. So glad I finally read it but it took my mind and thoughts back somewhere I didn’t want to go. Wish I’d met Sylvia.

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          1. Me too.
            Reckon we’d have got on like a house on fire.
            Well done you for reading. And I don’t mean that to be patronising – I know too well how triggering it can be ðŸ–ĪðŸ–Ī


          1. Hahaha! Your nose is growing 😉. And that’s not just because of age 😆.

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  1. Maybe he will choke on a cock
    or get pummeled in the head by a Grandfather Clock
    But No need for Sylvia’s Sister to get bent out of shape
    Unless Sylvia’s Sister is the one that far from great

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    1. Haha yeah! 😂
      I was feeling particularly ‘fuck you’ when I wrote this one.

      It could have been directed at many people – thankfully most of whom I’ve spent cutting out of my life this last eighteen months or so.

      Still, they’re a great source of irate poetry! 😂ðŸ–Ī

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