What I Should Have Said

Get to fuck

You piece of shit

I will not stand

For any more pish

You think you’re it

But it’s just a front

You’re nothing more

Than a self serving cunt

18 thoughts on “What I Should Have Said

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      1. Yes, an hour later you have the ultimate response. I hate when that happens. Our your thinking it as they run their mouth, but walk away because it really isn’t worth the energy on stupid. 😁

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  1. It would be sooo so great if you were able to come out with these rhymes in person, in the moment 🤣.

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    1. Nothing.
      That’s the worst part.
      Just walked away without telling any of them what I think about them 😞

      If only I could turn back time – me and Cher would go round there and kick their asses! 😉🖤

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      1. I hate when that happens. I hate it more when you think of something minute’s later.

        You know Cher says in that song she would take back all they words that hurt you 😉
        Also, if I recall, she is wearing fishnets and a whole bunch of leather harassing sailors 🤣💚

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    1. Haha! Have gone though a few of them – metaphorically – in my time.

      Usually a good bash about on a drumkit helps calm my aggression nowadays. Well, that and writing… 👍🖤


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