‘You Won’t Know Until You Try…’


On that

the birds
above us

As our
skip a

Or would I just blether on a whole heap of shite because I’m clinically depressed and unable to formulate a meaningful conversation with anyone of the opposite sex since my partner died so you just give up trying to listen and walk away thinking who the fuck was that lunatic and happily go about the rest of your life whilst I retreat back to my house wondering why the fuck I even bothered going out in the first fucking place?

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  1. I truly had a breakthrough reading this….I smiled and let out a bit of a chuckle….then cried (just a little). Smiling though is something that I haven’t done in quite some time.
    I also can relate (somewhat) with this. My oldest, 25 year old, suddenly passed away on Sept. 5. I absolutely dread leaving the house and possibly running into someone who wants to offer their condolences. I either turn into a heaping, hysterical mess or a ramble on and on….usually not making much sense since my head is filled with some really insane thoughts.
    Ugh…I don’t even try much anymore. I’m just grateful that my other kids make sure I eat, get out of bed, shower and get dressed everyday. Even that’s a struggle.

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    1. I’m glad you smiled – and cried – reading this one. It’s good to let our emotions out at times – for good and bad.

      I’m deeply sorry to read of your situation and I can empathise with many elements of the grief you describe. It’s not an easy process to navigate at all.

      I’ve written a lot about my own thoughts and feelings here, which has helped me tremendously, but in many ways I’m still clueless on how best to manage too.

      I only hope you can continue to build on the basics you have to find the right way forward for you.

      Take care my friend πŸ–€πŸ–€


  2. Oh my! I only just saw this. I am so sorry. But bloody hell, your writing is fantastic. This one especially. If you ever get a hole, let me know cos I beed one too. I cried too when I read this. I don’t express my emotions easily either. Urs a bloidy hard road through grief. Keep writing my friend ❀️❀️❀️❀️

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