Only Two People Know The Truth, And One Of Them Is Dead

make up
my mind

If you
meant to
kill her,
or not


as day


19 thoughts on “Only Two People Know The Truth, And One Of Them Is Dead

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      1. Ohhh, yeah I’ve always followed it too. I might check that documentary out, though it’s always very tough going looking into it.

        I always tried to view it from both sidesβ€” in itself, Pistorius’ description of events does sound like a plausible, very human chain of events. But then character testimonials do count against him, seeming to make the situation more likely. I mean even his version of events isn’t great, but there are so many stories of humans doing crazy things in situations they perceive to be highly stressful.

        I always took issue with the idea that his grief and sadness weren’t genuineβ€” his reaction really does look like the reaction of someone who didn’t mean to do what they did. I try to give the benefit of a doubt and simultaneously sympathise with both sidesβ€” a bunch of aggravating factors leading up to that situation from Pistorius’ side, but ultimately a human tragedy for both sides.

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        1. The cost for Pistorius was just so great. For both sides of course, but he has to live in this horrific reality which he plausibly (and surely) didn’t plan to create. I am glad he has a supportive sister, because it’s easy to imagine family abandoning him. Hopefully he can find some way to do some good for the world and try to honour Steenkamp.

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        2. It’s just such a tradegy that brings up so many conflicting thoughts and emotions you can only imagine how much all of that is amplified for all those involved.

          It’s a good documentary actually – informative and balanced. Pretty sure I’ve seen it before but if you’re interested in the case I’d definitely advise you giving it a watch πŸ–€

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            1. I’ve just seen so much on this case now it all tends to loop together.

              But yes, think I was confusing this one with the last Amazon Prime 4 part doc.
              Both are decent watches to be fair

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              1. Oh! Jeez you just reminded me I was about to watch it earlier πŸ˜†. I’ve been totally hyperfocused on technical stuff with changing podcast host, cos Podbean was pissing me off. Doesn’t make any difference to listeners but it’s now hosted on AudioBoom:

                And it’s now available on more platforms including Spotify :D.

                I need to catch up with documentaries, must’ve been so many good ones I have no idea about!

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  1. You fail in your deduction slueth,
    Though you be quite witty,
    I will reveal truth, in this little ditty.
    I will proclaim aloud, and take a little risk,
    The weapon used in the crime,
    was a lethal dose of kindness.

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