Tickets For Sale

as much
as you


For I
won’t be

far too

17 thoughts on “Tickets For Sale

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      1. Haha! No way, me too! LOL. He’s the only comedian I like. I would’ve guessed that you’d be a fan too, how didn’t I discover that sooner? xD

        The thing is, when he gets it right he comes out with absolute masterpieces. Part of the tension/excitement for me is not knowing what I’m going to get. He does seem to get more consistently better as he gets older though! All in my opinion of course. And considering that I am somebody who so rarely re-watches anything, I have watched his top gear bit tens of times! And some others. But the Top Gear bit is the absolute best lol.

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      2. Yeah, I’d agree he’s definitely gotten better (and more bitter) with age.
        He’ll always be in my top 10 list of stand ups though that’s for sure πŸ‘

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