Throwing Caution To The Wind

I’m too embarrassed

She said

I can’t do this

At my age I could be your mother

Oh who cares

He said

For you’re never too old

To enjoy a bit of the other

45 thoughts on “Throwing Caution To The Wind

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              1. It would have taken you so long to find though – and you did mention you had already overdosed on my words lol! 😂
                Yes, it certainly was an interesting experience. I suppose I’ve had a few in my time. Most of them find their way into my poems in one way or another – explicit or otherwise 😉👍🖤

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                  1. It’s funny – I’m now at something like 1250 posts (not accounting for the stolen song lyrics here and there). Never thought I’d have anything like that in me when I started! 😳🖤

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                    1. Yeah! I’m on 820, and I just noticed 35k views total. 8,300 visitors! I’ve never paid attention to those two numbers lol. It’s quite mind-blogging. Mind-boggling. Mind-bollocking. I’m gunna check my latest countries list too, see how many I got :D.

                      At a certain point you just realise there’s no limit to it, lol— once a creative brain always a creative brain. Then it’s just about controlling the flow 😉. Also people like us are always getting into adventures, so no short of inspiration 😆.

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                    2. Yeah, I’m glad I’m not too numbers focused. Obviously, it’s nice that folks enjoy what you do but it’s the writing and the interaction that keeps me here 👍🖤

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              1. Yes, think I did it the day before or something. I quite like it.

                I wish I could find a way of removing the (rather redundant) search function on the home page but I suppose I can live with it.

                We’ll see how long it lasts… 😉🖤

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                  1. It just annoys me that I didn’t put it there lol. I suppose it’s handy for there to be a clear search function. I just figure that folks wouldn’t want / need to search for my poems that way. Surely folks would just read them and move on?
                    Ach, it’s not the worst thing in the world. Overall I prefer this layout to the old one so I guess I can deal with it 😁🖤

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  1. (Satire. No offense meant)
    Hey you old lady,
    who wants a wedding?
    Drive me to the hill
    and we’ll do some sledding.

    I brought you a tube
    And me a toboggan,
    Let’s play in the snow,
    If cradle be robbing.

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