Poles Apart

I still cry myself to sleep

Not that you’d know

You selfish creep

You think because

We all lost him

That we both feel the same

But you’ve really got

No fucking clue

How I live each day in pain

24 thoughts on “Poles Apart

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                  1. Whaaaat boat horns? You mean the big ships in the sea sound their horns at midnight? That does sound plausible haha.

                    Well I enjoyed the ride but for its sheer eeriness!! The clouds were hanging really low and there was a fog in the air. I could hear so many fireworks but only see a few nearby ones lol. I did see one really long-lasting one nearby so that was cool. And then the smoke from all the fireworks drifting up the roadโ€ฆreduced the visibility to almost nothing haha. Very cool, as well as the smell. Then I sped back down the hill in that low visibility to get home ๐Ÿ˜„.

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