To Publish Or Not To Publish…

You really are quite brilliant

They said

Perhaps you should write a book

I doubt anyone would buy it

She said

Knowing my fucking luck

52 thoughts on “To Publish Or Not To Publish…

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  1. I feel writers are mostly self centred. Writing is a form of self expression to help the writer achieve relief. S0, to publish or not publish, it depends on how ‘selfish’ the writer is. However it sells, it will be way after the relief. Well, this is completely my personal view and only from my personal observation. It mostly won’t count for 1 penny (which is not in trend anymore so to speak). And I swear to God that I didn’t have weed when I typed This comment.

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  2. I’m about to have another chapbook published , but i think: what the heck for; only a handful will buy it, and the rest I’ll be giving to friends but it’s what we writers do: write and publication is the desired result 🙂

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  3. LC I’ve just made a big mistake.. I did not mean to literally shit on the toilet paper, I meant WRITE ‘shit’ on it. What was I thinking of? Feel free to delete it. I don’t want to lower the tone of your site.

    That’ll teach me to proofread first before pressing send

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    1. Oh my goodness!!! 😳

      LOWER the tone of my blog??
      LOWER the tone?? 😁

      I assure you my friend – lowering the tone of my blog is absolutely not possible!!! 🤣🤣

      You do not have to look very far at all to find all sorts of profanity, taboo subjects and (not so thinly veiled) references to all kinds of impropriety so please, please, do not worry!!

      Everything and anything is welcome here… The most base of which is usually from my own hand! 😁

      And, apart from any of that, I actually thought your comment was hilarious so there is absolutely no need for any deletion!!


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      1. It’s interesting what you say here. No, I wasn’t really worried. As individuals we all have different views and standards. Black humour enjoyed by one might be anethema to another. . I guess writing shit on toilet paper lies within my humour comfort zone whereas putting shit on I wouldn’t even entertain the thought of.

        While I’m here I like the way you present. Short and succint. I don’t fall asleep…….

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        1. True. It’s horses for courses (as the saying goes) I guess 😁

          I know my blog isn’t for everyone but it provides a much needed relief for me which, as others have said, is always the main priority.

          As for short and succinct – it’s all I can do really so I’m glad you like it!


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          1. Yes. I write mainly for myself. It’s good therapy.
            Your site will attract people like you – those who like what you write, as I do.

            As you can see from my site posts are all short and succinct. Some other site posts go on and on. I fall asleep halfway….zzzzzzz

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