You think you know me so well

Yet you haven’t got a clue

For if you did

You’d see how I hid

All that I was from you

29 thoughts on “Ignorance

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  1. @littecharmer I wish I could show you I wrote down a poem you wrote and read it on my mirror once in a while. Your words are worth rereading again and again.

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    1. Without wishing to be too gushy, I think this is the nicest thing anyone had ever said to me! *blushes*

      I honestly cannot believe you thought any of my ramblings worthy of such a thing! (Which one did you chose out of interest? 😉)

      Honestly, I’ve had a rough time of things in real life this last few weeks and reading this today has really made me smile 😁

      Thank you so much. You really are too kind 🖤🖤🖤

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      1. I think you feel the way I do
        That your heart beats
        Like mine does too
        That your mind wanders
        On the same path as me
        That you also dream
        Of when you’ll be free

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