100,162 People Dead

Plus the grief

Of their families


You can shove

Your sorrys

Up your arse,


As this buck stops

With you

10 thoughts on “100,162 People Dead

Add yours

  1. It’s an awful, sad milestone, and I am not defending the guy, he is in charge and the buck does stop with him. I’m just not convinced that anyone else would have done any better.

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    1. Thank you for your reply my friend.

      I think there are plenty that could, and have, done better as has been seen in other countries across the world.

      But I think the main source of my anger is that folks ever elected the likes of Boris and his ilk into government in the first place.

      The country is going to hell in and hardcart (which, pandemic aside, happens every time a Conservative Govt is elected) and with Boris continuing at the helm I don’t see that stopping anytime soon, sadly 😞🖤

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  2. I am not a Boris fan at all. But I honestly believe that whoever was PM would have made a mess of this situation. I really do. I know people who have been harassing him by sending him letters all year (hope he did not bother reading them) telling him to stop lockdowns and let businesses open and let “nature” do it’s work. Whoever is in charge has to make decisions and face that whatever they decide there will be criticism. I am shocked by how many people still think it is all a hoax, protest against lockdowns. refuse to wear facemasks and preach anti-vac messages.

    I just think this virus has caught western rulers particularly by surprise. They seriously looked unqualified and clueless. I don’t think they realized they were going to have no choice really but to shut down everything. A lot of people still do not understand that extreme measures are needed in an extreme situation. We live in a country in which people would resist anything they feel is totalitarian or draconian.

    I know it’s all complicated and to be honest I am so tired I can’t face thinking about it anymore, but even though I am not keen on the PM, neither do I blame him for everything. Too many people have decided they will do what they want to do and ignore the rules. I think there is a collective responsibility on all those who decided to ignore the rules.

    It’s a mess and it just tells me that priorities are all wrong. Humans are not qualified to deal with the responsibility of caring for the human race, the planet and other creatures. I have seen that in black and white like never before. Humans need help.

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    1. Thank you for your message my friend.
      You make some excellent points here and I certainly don’t disagree with most of them.
      For me though, I do feel that there are other leaders who have not made such a mess of it as Boris has. I think that is clear from stats, stories and human testimony across the world.
      I couldn’t agree more with you that humans need help. More so now than ever before.
      But help, in its truest most compassionate sense, is not what we will ever get from a Conservative government – pandemic or otherwise – sadly 😞🖤

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      1. I am amazed that countries such as Australia, New Zealand and parts of South East Asia have managed to keep their numbers so low. That may be partly credit to their rulers. But I also think some of the people in some of those lands are known for a more “obedient” nature – is that the right term? Maybe not. Maybe it is more a case of either having more respect for their authorities or more fear?

        I was talking to a friend on the phone today. She hates Boris and she is happy to blame him for everything. The thing is she is still socialising with people. She invites friends over to her home for dinner or to watch a film. She meets up with strangers she has met online. She has family stay over. She thinks that is all ok, but according the lockdown none of it is ok. I suspect there are other people like her doing what they think is the right thing and always blaming someone else for the awful situation we are in without taking any responsibility themselves.

        I could say so much but it is tiring – isn’t it! I am so tired of worrying about what other people are doing. When Ben is here I am more than happy in our own excusive bubble – it is so nice. But now that he is overseas, it will be hard on my own. But lots of friends I can keep in touch with on the phone/zoom.

        If there was a different PM or a different government, would people be more cooperative? I don’t think so. Having said all this, I think there are a huge amount of people who doing everything asked of them. I am sure that we would be in a much worse state if it were not for the millions who have been obedient throughout.

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        1. I know how you feel my friend.

          Nine months down the line as we are now I think we are all stressed, anxious and tired in more ways than one.

          You’re right – sadly there is no accounting for people who don’t seem able to or simply just don’t want to see what is right in front of their eyes – including those in government who really should know better.

          Working for the NHS I see day in day out the concequences of people ‘doing what they think is right’ which is both galling and devastating in equal measure.

          I’m not sure if other countries have more fearful or obidience demanding rulers – unless we are talking like DPRK or something.

          But what I think for sure is that folks who live in those countries do have an overwhelmingly higher sense of respect and responsibility to their fellow human beings and commit to working together collectively for the greater good.

          I think that shows in the governments they elect and how they expect and hold them accountable to serve their public, the structures of their healthcare, education and welfare systems and, when it comes to the pandemic, their respect for science as opposed to taking what their mum’s brother’s friend’s sister’s goldfish says on Facebook as fact.

          (I should say I am aware that millions of people in this country do hold the same beliefs and act accordingly – sadly they are just not great enough in number to stop the rot as we reach over 100,000 dead).

          For me it’s not about having a different PM – the buck just happens to stop with Boris on this particular shit show, as well as all those before it during his term.

          For me it’s about changing society and then, by default the government, in order that we can all truly help people live lives with happiness, decency and dignity.

          I hope you do manage to keep in touch with folks whilst Ben’s away. Always here if you need – we don’t have to discuss politics lol 😁




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