‘Thank You, But No…’

If this is how life is going to be

Then I wish to play no part.

I have neither the strength nor the desire

To risk another broken heart.

(Originally Posted 19.05.2019)

21 thoughts on “‘Thank You, But No…’

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  1. I’ve had my heart broken three times. How much is too much?
    It’s not a pain I relish, but it does allow potential for your heart to expand.
    Instead of breaking down, I like to think the heart is breaking wide open creating space for even more love to offer and accept.
    Shit is Shitty but at least it teaches you how to empathize. How to connect. And that’s the most valuable lesson of all. Being vulnerable with others.

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    1. It’s a beautiful way to look at it my friend, and I envy its optimism.

      I think I’ve put some of the pieces back together since then but, sadly, most of them have been lost forever


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