The Mirror

Hair crunchy like straw
Brain burst with chaos
Eyes darkened shadows
Arteries slick with grease
Lips rough as sandpaper
Cheeks stained with tears
Skin cracked and weeping
Forearms heavily scarred
Liver soaked with alcohol
Heart cold as granite

I hate looking in the mirror
For I do not like what I see
I shall stop looking in the mirror
For I do not like me

(Originally Posted 05.04.2019)

20 thoughts on “The Mirror

  1. Made, for you like them
    Put heart at rest,
    Rebuttal your words,
    Do I my best.

    Best one I saw,
    Brain at peace like moss
    You brighten the darkness
    The mind put at ease
    You, smooth as marble
    I wipe your tears
    Peace, for despair
    I cover your wounds
    And lift all the pain
    Your heart hard
    But you can have mine.

    Look in the mirror,
    See what I see
    Beautiful Treasure
    Looking at me

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