Under Duress

So I’m
coming to
your house

As it
I have
no choice

But to endure
three hours
of awkward

And your

If only
I could
just say

Then all
of this

Instead I’ll
turn up
with a

And fake
your best

(Originally Posted 15.09.2019)

32 thoughts on “Under Duress

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    1. Don’t worry – I’ve been working on an exit plan for some time…
      Just got to pluck up the courage to put it into action.
      I find confrontation much easier to write about than to do in real life! πŸ€”πŸ–€

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  1. Ouch, that makes me ill just feeling it…visuals a-bound…..makes me sad to myself …and a reminder to ask none for help…..they too live, in their very frigid hell…..be well

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      1. Those you spend time w/in person or even in thought can be just as destructive….I like being ‘alone’ because then i’m less influenced. Learning to be nonreactive is about knowing the void is proper and not to be ‘filled’…it is our heart that needs filled. replaced w/good will….idk, i’m crazy…don’t listen to me!!!

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  2. Response with permission.

    I am so glad you’ve come to visit,

    Against what you think best,

    Obligation is agonizing,Β 

    You and the fancy dress.Β 

    I will be silent,Β 

    with voice like Kermit Frog,

    Let your words be violent

    And lose me in the fog.

    Let your heart be real,Β 

    And if it is to be,

    Leave this place,

    If it does set you free.

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