Ode To A Cockroach

You have no heart

You have no soul

Just crawl back

Into whatever hole

You came from

And die, motherfucker, die

(Originally Posted 03.08.2019)

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  1. ….dying is overrated….just block & ignore…give them the silence they deserve while walking this planet? The Universe reaches out to me & even still I ignore….hmmm….I hope your saturday unfolds better than it started?

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      1. Awe, I put myself through about 7 yrs of reverse stalking & no dating….I had killed a very dear friendship…..[want to make that clear of ‘responsibility’ for the pain created] Where ever he was going to be [i guess you could say a local figure at many functions] I would make sure to NOT attend. Complete withdraw & let them find *their* happiness. I was crushed & reborn in his silence & never giving me the “goodbye” i had asked. I hurt him…why does he have to offer me my last wishes?? He’s a beautiful man & will always stay that way w/me….He’s taught me that much more being out of daily world. He was the one who was in my dream giving me a hug prior to me be shot in the chest by his wife…that’s the one where I woke up after saying in my dream, “okay, I guess this is death…what’s next”? I woke up in full climax…haha….or the time I woke & spoke the words in great discord….”OMG, I’m STILL here?!?!?!” Maybe I should go nap (wink) …sorry I rambled…I love the rawness & cut of your expression….ty for hearing me out!!! Rant and rave away…I hope it helps!!!! (it does me!!!) lol

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        1. No apology required! Please feel to ramble whenever the mood takes you 😁 I do so quite regularly in real life – ironic really given my written style! Your experience sounds both interesting and inciteful. Feel free to share more if your interest is piqued again in future. Hope your nap, should you decide to go for one, helps πŸ–€

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    1. Brilliant!! πŸ˜‚
      This is amongst the most brutal I’ve written in terms of language – but I personally think it’s hilarious so I’m glad I’m not the only one!! πŸ€£πŸ–€

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  2. Not giving attention will dissolve….though the way you “said” these lines….could be a great song….rap it to wrap the person in cRap….I’m sorry for my brutal side

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  3. As I scurry up and scurry down
    My antennae make a frown
    I see your foot high above
    All I make are eggs, and love.
    Six legs forward, six legs back
    I see your sole to make me flat
    I wish to live, I still have heart,
    I run to hole, peace sweet tart.

    The Cockroach

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    1. Thankfully they are. No contact now for the last year or so and I’ve never once looked back.

      It took me far too long to distance myself from such toxicity and, even then, I never really got to have my say – hence a lot of the more vitriolic stuff I post here instead πŸ‘πŸ–€

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