The Path Of Darkness

Now you’ve led me again

Onto the path of darkness

Who knows how this will end

Last time all that was left

Was sparseness

And we couldn’t even be friends

10 thoughts on “The Path Of Darkness

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  1. Rebuttal. For fun and with permission.

    You kicked and clawed,
    Pushed and shoved
    Scraped me raw
    Refusing love

    Every step had been a fight
    To draw you closer to the Light.

    You Charming Poor Picker,
    When will it end?
    Stop the book licker
    And call Brother friend.

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  2. Continuation, with your kind permission:
    And now it’s ended
    Once and for all,
    You’ve burned all our bridges for good.
    And if you crawl back, snivelling ‘please take me back!’
    I’ll laugh in your face as I should.

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