Graduation (In Absentia)

I do not need your cap and gown

For I already have my own crown

Such pomp and circumstance mean nothing to me

So you can fuck your Master of Arts Degree

21 thoughts on “Graduation (In Absentia)

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    1. Haha!! 🤣

      Yeah, not being ‘posh enough’ was the reason I never bothered going to the graduation ceremony for either of my degrees…

      All that stuff and nonsense just for a piece of paper that you can get posted to you anyway! 😉🖤


        1. Don’t forget the plastic jewellery!!
          Ugh, I hated the sight of folks like that….
          Much more a flat cap, B&H, cardigan and indie rock kinda gal! French accent not included! 🤪

          How’s the ankle coming along? I’m guessing it’ll be bruising nicely by now..? 😬🖤


          1. B&h…lordy that takes me back…

            Being the first person to ever do what i did im sure you can imagine the toll its taking on me.

            Im really getting on my own tits

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  1. You took me back to the long hard days of earning my MPhil alongside my job – I was single when I started it and married with two kids when I finished – no crown, but at least the crown jewels worked! Two degrees, well done you, I was an academic mongrel (HNC, no first degree) – the MPhil gave me a pedigree – still barked up plenty wrong trees though!

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