A Chocolatey Collaboration

Isn’t it just amazing
What reading aloud can do
How through someone else’s voice
Your story can feel all the more true

I’m honoured you picked this piece, my friend,
And have given it life anew
I may well have written the words
But here the credit belongs to you

A huge thanks to Matt Snyder of https://aprolicicpotpourri.art/

https://anchor.fm/matt-david-snyder/embed/episodes/The-Bakery-Aisle-ev39s1 A short story about love by my favorite writer/collaborator friend from Northern Scotland, Little Charmer.

Short Story Saturday: The Bakery Aisle

14 thoughts on “A Chocolatey Collaboration

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    1. And it certainly worked! 😁
      I think when I wrote it I heard it as quite a sombre and wistful piece…
      Your interpretation was certainly more lively – hence my little poem of reverence! I loved it! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ–€

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